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Cattitude From Karl

April 15, 2020
Karl, Kitty in Chief

Hello. I am Karl, the Kitty in Chief here at Deepwoods Veterinary Services. I have a very important job: making sure that my humans take great care of my feline buddies. Bossing humans around is hard work! Understandably, I get grumpy sometimes. My favorite Bruce Crossing, MI veterinarian asked me to discuss cattitude.


Some cats are very opinionated and outspoken. Us kitties like to share our thoughts on, well, pretty much everything, by meowing—and sometimes yelling—at our humans. We also sometimes talk back when you speak to us, and we may complain when you’re late with our dinner. Cats get ‘hangry’ too!


Did you know that humans never actually domesticated cats? Kitties haven’t changed in the thousands of years since you befriended us. As some scientists are beginning to suspect, one of our brave, adorable ancestors just wandered into an early human settlement, dropped a dead mouse on the ground, demanded dinner, and then curled up on some furs and scratched anyone who tried to move her. We’ve been bossing you guys around ever since.

Play Fighting

Kitties are unique in many ways. Admittedly, we’re the only animals that like to bite and scratch our humans for fun. We can sometimes accelerate from cuddly to violent without warning, and can quickly go from licking your hands to biting you. Nobody’s purrfect!

Petiquette (Or Lack Thereof)

Have you ever caught your cat smacking things onto the floor with her paw? Your pet may be trying to get attention. She might also be bored. Or, she just may be working on her skills.

Ignorance is Bliss

Scientists often find it challenging to do studies on us cats. We have better things to do than participate in studies! However, in case you were wondering, yes, we do know our names, and we can hear you perfectly fine when you call us. We just don’t bother obeying.

Wake-Up Call

Every morning, thousands—or perhaps even millions—of people are awakened by their feline overlords. We may smack you in the face, walk across you, or nudge you with her head to inform you that we want breakfast right meow. Some of you are unacceptably slow with feeding us!

Please contact my Bruce Crossing, MI vet clinic, for your cat’s veterinary care needs. I’ve trained my humans pretty well, and they’ll take great care of your kitty! 

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