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Karl, Kitty in Chief, Boss


Kitty in Chief, Boss

Karl came to Deepwoods Veterinary Services along with his feline siblings because they were very ill—they remained here at the hospital for four weeks to get back to full health. His sister, Kimmy, and brother, Kevin, were adopted by Julia (Dr. Griffin’s daughter) and Karl remained at the clinic to run things. He’s been supervising all activities and managing his subordinates here at Deepwoods Veterinary Services ever since!

As the hospital’s head honcho, Karl’s most important tasks include ensuring that his staff feeds, pets, and dotes on him. He’s never afraid to give his subordinates a swat on the leg if they’re out of line! Karl’s proudest achievement is tricking multiple people into feeding him, and he also believes he is entitled to other cats’ belongings, such as carriers and food.

One of Karl’s most memorable moments was the time he snuck out to take a two-day vacation. He loved watching his staff members cry out for him, and he feels that it truly solidified his value here at the clinic.

When he’s not working, Karl loves to get treats and cuddles. His favorite hobby, though, is antagonizing his fellow clinic mates.

Photo of Chelsea

Chelsea Majurin

Office Manager, Veterinary Technician

Chelsea has been around animals her entire life and was a 4H member for over 10 years, but it wasn’t until her second year of college that she decided to take a leap of faith and dive into the world of veterinary medicine. It simply felt like the right thing to do, and Chelsea followed her gut instinct—and it paid off. She gets to help pets and animal owners on a daily basis as the Office Manager and a Veterinary Technician here at Deepwoods Veterinary Services!

An Ontonagon native, Chelsea moved to Wausau, Wisconsin during her collegiate career to start studying veterinary technology at Globe University. She worked at the local Humane Society throughout her education, gaining invaluable hands-on experience with pets, before graduating in the fall of 2014. The following year, Chelsea was offered a job here at Deepwoods Veterinary Services and moved back home to start serving the pets and animal parents of her hometown. She’s been a valued member of the clinic family ever since.

As a Tech, Chelsea loves to complete a satisfying dental cleaning, and she also has an interest in hematology and the way bloodwork can give such valuable insights into a patient’s health. Above all, she loves to keep the clinic running like a well-oiled machine day in and day out, and she never gets tired of meeting new pet owners and their animal companions!

Chelsea’s interests away from work include hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and horse training. She’s also an avid sports fan—Chelsea traveled all over the country and even to Canada to play hockey while growing up, and she’s recently taken up golfing. At home, Chelsea and her husband Melvin share their lives with several pets. They have two dogs: Payton the bulldog and a Great Dane named Waylon. The family also has a cat named Emmi and three horses who go by Chase, Bubba, and Emma. 

Photo of Michelle

Michelle Walters

Receptionist, Veterinary Assistant

Michelle grew up on 40 acres of country property in Ontonagon County. Animals were a part of life from day one, and she has fond memories of caring for the family pets and seeing plenty of wild animals while growing up. For Michelle, a career in the world of veterinary medicine simply made sense! She’s a proud member of the reception and Veterinary Assistant teams here at Deepwoods Veterinary Services.

When Michelle’s husband was deployed in the United States Navy, she was offered a few certification courses as a military spouse. She decided to take advantage of the opportunity to launch her career in the world of animal medicine, and completed a course on Veterinary Assisting. Michelle spent the next several years working in kennels, doggie daycares, and internship positions before deciding to join the world of private practice.

Michelle moved back to this area and heard from a childhood friend—the clinic’s very own Chelsea!—about an open position here at Deepwoods Veterinary Services. Michelle has been a member of the hospital team since April of 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. Medically, she’s interested in surgery work and radiology, but her favorite aspect of her job is the opportunity it provides to learn something new every day.

Away from the office, Michelle enjoys spending time outdoors and is particularly fond of kayaking, fishing, gardening, and hiking. She and her husband love to dote on their nieces and nephews, and they share their lives with several pets at home. Parker the dog lives for belly rubs and snacks, while his sister, Pebbles, loves chasing balls and going on adventures in the great outdoors. The furry portion of the family is rounded out by a sassy but snuggle-loving cat, Lola. 

Sloppy Kisses


Sloppy Kisses

Treats Given


Treats Given 

Bellies Rubbed


Bellies Rubbed

“One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home.”

 – Pam Brown