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COVID-19 Update

July 5, 2021

The care, safety, and well-being of you, your pet, and our staff continues to be top of mind for us as well as many of you which is why we have updated our COVID response to fit with your needs and ongoing safety precautions.

That said, Deepwoods Veterinary Services is reopening as of July 19th, 2021 but we are still offering our curbside concierge for those of you who would still like this convenience. 

Curbside service – Appointments, food or medication refills:

If you have opted for curbside service, please call us from your vehicle when you arrive for your pet’s appointment or to pick up medications or food. If you do not have a mobile phone or you are unable to call us upon arrival, please wait in your vehicle and one of our staff members will assist you. We will come get your pet for his or her appointment. Once the exam is concluded, we will relay our findings and treatment recommendations via phone. Once treatment authorization is obtained and completed, we will let you know when you can return to pick up your pet along with home care instructions and/or prescriptions (if necessary). You will also have the opportunity to pay over the phone, by cash, or check.

We continue to offer our convenient Drop-off, Flex Appointments:

Again – call us upon your arrival and we will come to your vehicle to bring your pet into the clinic for drop-off with us for his or her procedure. Dr. Griffin or one of our staff members will call you to review our findings, and we will schedule a time for you to return to pick up your pet.

For medication refills and food:

Please contact us in advance and we will prepare your order and call to let you know when it is ready for pick up. Again – food and prescriptions can be paid for via credit card over the phone, and we will deliver your order to your vehicle. We would appreciate the ability to schedule a pick up time or window so that we can be as responsive as possible. Our recommendation is that you have a 30-day supply of food and medications on hand so as not to interrupt your pet’s treatment. We require 24-hour notice for medication refills and food refills we require 2-days notice. We will contact you as soon as your refills are ready for pickup. 

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to ensure continued safety while also accommodating the needs of our community’s pets. We invite you to contact us at (906) 827-3218 if you have any questions or concerns.

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