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Working From Home With Cats

June 1, 2020

Hello. My name is Karl. I’m an office cat here at Deepwoods Veterinary Services, your Bruce Crossing, MI animal clinic. I get to hang out with my humans all of the time. However, many of you are used to leaving your kitties at home while you go off to earn money for cat food, litter, toys, pet furniture, and everything else your feline overlord needs. If you’ve only recently started working from home, you may want to make a few adjustments to keep your cat happy. I offer a few ‘pawesome’ tips about things I’ve learned by helping my humans below. 


Working can be pretty stressful, especially if you’re also trying to home-school kids. Kitties are great at helping people relax! Take short breaks to pet and play with your feline pal. Purrs and cuddles are a great benefit of telecommuting!

Offer Boxes

Cats like to sit on computers. We have reasons for this. (No, I won’t tell you what they are.) If you’re really worried about Fluffy messing something up, set your screenlock time to something short, like 30 seconds. That way, your furry friend won’t do any harm if she walks over your keyboard while you’re grabbing your 8th coffee. 


One thing that us cats just can’t resist is knocking things over. We also like to test your water, to make sure it’s okay. We sometimes mean well, but if you want to make sure we don’t accidentally (or intentionally) knock your drink over onto your computer, use a bottle with a secure cap. Remember to give your feline buddy fresh water every day! 

Napping Spots

Fluffy will probably want to stick pretty close to you, so she can supervise you. Make room on or near your desk for her. You may want to put an empty box on your desk. Your feline pal will probably jump right in! (We can’t resist boxes.) Another option is to put a comfy pet bed nearby. In fact, I recommend putting kitty beds in every room. It’s always nice to have options. 


Sitting still for hours on end is pretty standard for cats, but it really isn’t good for you. Take a cue from your kitty, and remember to stretch regularly! 

Please contact my humans, your Bruce Crossing, MI vet, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. They’ll be happy to help! 

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