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Tips for Getting Your Dog a Squeaky Toy

October 15, 2020

Does your can ine buddy absolutely love his plushie toys? Fido is pretty adorable when he’s running after his favorite plaything! Oct. 28th is Plush Animal Lovers’ Day! This is a perfect time to get your pet something new. However, there are some things to consider when it comes to giving your dog squeaky toys. A local veterinarian offers some tips on choosing your pup’s toys below.

D  iscarding Old Toys

Generally speaking, squeaky toys are not the most long-lasting dog toys. In fact, some pooches make pretty short work of them! Pay close attention to the condition of your canine companion’s toys, and repair or toss old ones. You’ll want to distract your playful pet by giving him a new toy while you do this.

C leaning

Squeaky toys tend to get crusty and gross pretty quickly. Wash your furry pal’s things regularly. Toys that are in good condition can usually be machine-washed. However, you’ll want to check the label instructions to be sure.

R otate

As that old saying says, variety is the spice of life. Rotate your four-legged pal’s toys out regularly. A word to the wise: do this when Fido is napping or outdoors.

P rey Drive

There are some reasons to be concerned about squeaking toys and prey drive. Some pups are just hardwired to go after small critters. It does make sense. That squeak, to Fido, sounds like something that he or his ancestors would hunt in the wild. If you know or suspect that your pooch has a strong prey drive, ask your vet for tips on suitable toys and play strategies.

M aterial

Material is also something for you to consider. Get into the habit of looking at labels. Choose products that use non-toxic materials.

S queakers

One danger with squeaker toys is the fact that some dogs will actually eat the squeakers. This can be very dangerous! Squeakers are not edible! They can cause severe, and potentially fatal, intestinal blockages. If Fido does this, you may be better off getting him a different type of toy. If you aren’t sure how your dog will react, supervise all play sessions carefully. 

B enefits

Squeaky toys can be useful at times. Some pooches find them very comforting. They can be great for older dogs, because they’re soft on the mouth. They can also come in very handy if you’re trying to get Fido’s attention for a photograph! 

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your vet clinic!

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